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9ToEarth Kogarashi Tales LP

Artist: 9TOEARTH
Sello: Artificial Intelligence
Format: LP

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12,99 I.V.A. Incluido

1 disponibles

1 disponibles

Lista de títulos:
1 - Alone Again
2 - Cosmo Bashert
3 - Kintsugi
4 - Parasite
5 - Petal Of Ice
6 - Walk Until Disappear
7 - Nobody Around Us

Kogarashi is a Japanese word that means “the wind preceding the onset of winter”, – thus Kogarashi Tales showcases itself as a collection of stories that are connected and carried by that cold, windy feeling with songs that share the personal, yet universal, stories about love, loss, loneliness, dependence, and inner strength. Thoroughly crafted lyrics poetically penetrate the psychology of the mind, human desires, and flaws.